Forbes — Law Firms Risk Digital Extinction

February 15, 2016 By Falguni Desai Ever since the credit crisis of 2008, law firms have struggled to regain their prestigious positioning. A combination of new legal service providers, increased legal outsourcing, changing corporate counsel buying behavior and stagnant billing rates, has created an uphill battle for firms. Now, digital business models, marketing technologies and… Read More »

The American Lawyer — How to Write Blogs That In-House Counsel Will Read

December 21, 2015 By Rebekah Mintzer and Sue Reisinger To get in-house counsel’s attention and keep it, firms must concentrate less on the number of blogs they publish and think strategically about how to appeal to specific clients’ needs. “Make it all about them,” says John Corey, president and founding partner of Greentarget, a strategic… Read More »

Lexblog — 2016 will be the year of the niche law blog

December 21, 2015 By Kevin O’Keefe Reading recent reports and articles, it’s becoming clear that 2016 will be the year of niche legal publications. David Curle (@davidcurle), Director of Strategic Competitive Intelligence at Thomson Reuters Legal, recently summarized the key points from the 2016 Citi Hildebrandt Client Advisory from Citi Private Bank. First on the… Read More »

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly — Multiple Counts

December 10, 2015 By Matt Yas Greentarget and the Zeughauser Group recently released their 2015 State of Digital & Content Marketing Survey, which examines attorneys’ online presence and marketing strategies nationwide among firms and in-house counsel. The findings reveal that the influence of firm blogging on in-house counsel is waning, Wikipedia use is sharply on… Read More »

Lexblog — Contrary to InsideCounsel Magazine, vast majority of in-house counsel read and value blogs

December 7, 2015 By Kevin O’Keefe Eye-catching headlines are easy. This one’s the truth. InsideCounsel’s headline of last week was not true. Last week InsideCounsel ran a story titled “Survey Says In-House Counsel Don’t Read Law Firm Blogs.” Already contrary to the headline, InsideCounsel’s Marlisse Silver Sweeney (@marlissess) reports in the story that “close to… Read More »

Legaltech News — Law Firm Marketers Lack Content Strategies

December 7, 2015 By Erin E. Harrison Survey shows firms keep churning out more content, but often without documented strategic plans. Any good marketer knows that content creation and SEO best practices are king when it comes to attracting visitors to a website. But the adage “if you build it, they will come,” doesn’t always… Read More »

InsideCounsel — Survey Says In-House Counsel Don’t Read Law Firm Blogs

December 1, 2015 By Marlisse Silver Sweeney Law firms are churning out content marketing faster than your great aunt Betty can mash those holiday potatoes, but are in-house counsel taking a bite? Communications firm Greentarget and consulting firm Zeughauser Group say, “not really!” They recently released a telling report, which indicates close to a third… Read More »